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Teeth Whitening Can Completely Change Your Smile

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Dr. Villarreal describes the benefits and process of teeth whitening.
Dr. Villarreal in Harlingen, TX

Are You Smiling as Brightly As You Could Be?

A bright, white smile is the perfect complement to great oral health. A gorgeous, youthful grin expresses confidence across many levels, from your personal to career life. Smile imperfections can be erased with professional whitening services from Harlingen Family Dentistry. Are you ready to turn back the hands of time, and recapture a brilliant, vibrant smile?
Professional whitening addresses tooth stain or discoloration caused by:

  • Aging
  • Yellowing of teeth
  • Coffee or tea
  • Tobacco use
  • Certain foods and spices
  • Some medications

Options Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

Visiting our team for professional whitening services may be just the confidence boost you need to regain or maintain a youthful appearance.

Teeth Whitening

In-office Whitening

Sit back, relax and let our team brighten your day with simple, effective in-office whitening treatment. A  concentrated, professional-grade whitening solution dissolves unwanted stain from your teeth, leaving you shades lighter and smiling from ear to ear!
Teeth Whitening

Take-home Whitening

If incremental whitening is better suited for you, our take-home system may be your ideal option. We craft your customized whitening trays right in our office, sending you home with a gentle whitening solution and easy instructions on wearing your trays for either day or night. With this convenient  whitening method, you control how white your teeth get, and can always touch up your smile for big events!
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

A Brighter, Whiter Smile Begins Here

Established by Dr. Juan Villarreal, Harlingen Family Dentistry has been brightening smiles since 1983. Our team is compassionate, educated, well-trained  and ready to deliver the life-changing services you and your family desire. When visiting one of our six locations for professional whitening, you can expect to receive treatment that is safe, effective and fast. For a whiter, brighter smile, visit us today!

An exciting change in your smile and self-confidence awaits you! To get started with your whitening treatment, contact our team now and reserve your consultation.

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