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Take Back Your Smile with Comfortable Denture Solutions

From the way you smile to how you eat, losing natural teeth has a major impact in your life. Missing multiple teeth or living without any teeth goes well beyond how you feel about your appearance – your general health is also at risk when proper oral function and nutrition cannot be enjoyed. Modern dentures from Harlingen Family Dentistry offer an affordable, life-changing solution to restoring your smile, no matter if you have lost several teeth or are completely edentulous (without teeth).

Customized to Your Smile for Optimal Comfort and Function

Whether new to tooth loss or looking for an updated tooth replacement option, wearing dentures has never been easier! The modern partial and full dentures we fabricate today are not the dentures of the past. Far more comfortable, lightweight and functional, today’s dentures look and feel more natural, and are carefully crafted to ensure a fit customized for your mouth. Wearing modern dentures affords your smile a number of benefits, including:

  • Eat, speak and laugh with confidence
  • Easily removed for home care and before bed
  • Simple to maintain
  • Fit comfortably around existing teeth or over the gums
  • Restore confidence and chewing ability
  • Deliver a gorgeous, natural-looking smile

Enjoy Your New Smile Today

From each of our six locations, we make getting the dental care you need as comfortable and convenient as possible. Traditionally, the denture-making process takes several weeks to complete, due to waiting for off-site labs to complete these appliances. Our dentures are milled right from our in-house lab, conveniently saving you significant time. In fact, your new dentures typically can be ready within a couple of hours!

Take back your smile after tooth loss, and get back to enjoying life to the fullest! Contact our team today to reserve your modern denture consultation.

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