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Restore Your Smile to the Highest Function and Appearance

Have tooth decay, broken teeth or fillings, or missing teeth impacted the appearance and function of your smile? At Harlingen Family Dentistry, we offer the restorative and cosmetic solutions necessary to meet your unique dental concerns. Dental crowns and bridges are restorations delivering the highest functional and cosmetic results. Though often grouped together, these restorations serve two very different purposes. A crown rebuilds and restores a tooth following decay or damage, while a bridge replaces one or more missing teeth.

High Quality Restorations Allow You to Eat and Smile Comfortably

Both crowns and bridges restore the beauty of your smile and an improved ability to eat comfortably. Made of durable, high quality ceramic, crowns provide complete coverage and protection of teeth, rising beautifully from the gum line in a way that rivals real teeth. Bridges, comprised of a series of  two or more crowns fused into a single unit, are bonded to the teeth adjacent to a missing tooth, blending right into the arch for a gorgeous, seamless smile. Crowns restore full function and appearance to teeth following:

  • Extensive decay
  • Cracks, breaks or fractures
  • Significant wear
  • Misshapen or short teeth
  • Failing (large) fillings
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dental implant placement

Bridges rebalance the biting function and restore esthetics to:

Replacing Teeth With Dental Bridges

A dental bridge consists of several dental crowns combined. The center crown functions as your lost tooth while the surrounding crowns are bonded to the teeth on either side of the space. This cosmetic dentistry technique permanently anchors your bridge, giving you the ability to smile with confidence and the peace of mind to eat whatever you like.

Crowns and Bridges
Dental Bridge

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