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Identifying Oral Disease Early Can Save Your Life

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Identify Risk Factors of Oral Disease

Your oral health is directly linked to your general health, meaning disease of the mouth could affect your entire body. When it comes to diagnosing and identifying oral diseases such as oral cancer, it’s important to see an experienced dentist with leading knowledge in the field of oral pathology. We have a dedicated doctor with advanced training in oral and maxillofacial pathology, to best examine the head, neck, jaw, mouth, gums and soft tissues. Even if you do not exhibit any symptoms it’s important to be screened regularly.

The most common risk factors for oral disease are:

Advanced Technology for Early Discovery

Early detection of oral disease is crucial to preventing disease advancement and saving not only your oral health, but your overall health as well. This is why we invest in advanced technology to identify oral disease before it develops into a more serious condition. One of our most advanced pieces of technology is the VELscope® to help identify tissue abnormalities and oral cancer. The non-invasive VELscope assists us in identifying pre-cancer and cancerous tissue in as little as two minutes with the use of a fluorescent light. By discovering oral cancer early, treatment can be more effective and improve recovery.

Trust in an Experienced Specialist for Oral Pathology

Being screened regularly for oral disease and cancer is an important aspect to your health. Our specialist has advanced training in oral pathology, oral surgery and management of head and neck disease (throat cancer). At Harlingen Family Dentistry, we can identify risks and create treatment plans to ensure your health. By combining cutting-edge technology, such as the VELscope, with our specialist’s experience and knowledge, we can catch risks early and improve your future health.

If you believe you may be at risk of oral disease, contact Harlingen Family Dentistry today to schedule an examination.

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