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Treat Tooth Decay Early with Natural-Looking Composite Fillings

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Immediate Treatment for Cavities Helps Prevent More Complex Care

Dental cavities (tooth decay) affect millions of patients of all ages, and often present with symptoms like:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages
  • Sensitivity to sweets
  • Pain or discomfort upon brushing or flossing
  • Dark or discolored areas on tooth surfaces

Some cavities may be completely asymptomatic (no symptoms) and undetectable just by looking in the mouth; they must be identified on x-rays to be diagnosed. The importance of treating tooth decay with fillings as early as possible cannot be overstated: Failure to repair dental cavities carries the risk of more invasive treatment, including crowns, root canal therapy and even tooth extraction.

A Simple Procedure That Restores Health to Your Smile

Tooth decay is a common dental  disease caused by certain types of harmful oral bacteria. These bacteria live within the plaque that forms on your teeth and gums, releasing acid that destroys enamel and other layers of tooth structure. When cavities threaten your smile, we treat  these areas by gently removing diseased tooth structure and placing safe, tooth-colored composite fillings. Our restorative process is simple and gets you back to enjoying a cavity-free smile in no time!

Strong, Natural-Looking Composite Fillings Are Something to Smile About

At Harlingen Family Dentistry, we provide only the highest level of service and most effective, beneficial solutions for your family’s oral health. Advantages of receiving composite fillings from our talented, caring team include:

  • Highly esthetic, natural look and feel
  • Shaded to match your tooth color
  • Simple to contour and shape
  • Harden within seconds
  • Blend beautifully in any area of the mouth
  • Strong, durable and lasting material
  • More conservative procedure than metal fillings

Do you think you or a family member may have a cavity? Get the restorative treatment you need right away by contacting our friendly team for your consultation.

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