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What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is more common than many people think and includes a variety of procedures performed in dental offices, not hospitals. Oral surgeons are expertly trained in operations that affect your teeth, mouth and jaw. Our practice has an experienced oral surgeon who can treat many different conditions in-office.

The common oral surgery procedures our practice handles include:

Treat Your Symptoms Before They Get Worse

It is important to your health to seek treatments for conditions that require oral surgery before they develop into more serious problems. Without treatment, these conditions and problems will cause serious damage to not only your mouth, but may also affect your overall systemic health. We offer emergency appointments in the case that a surgery must be performed in a timely manner due to accidents, trauma or severe pain.

Experienced Care for Improved Patient Satisfaction

Plenty of patients find the thought of surgery daunting. The fear of pain, recovery time and inconvenience cause many people to put off their treatment. Rest assured, our experienced oral surgeon will do everything necessary to make your experience convenient and thorough. The surgery procedures we offer are routinely performed in-office and the recovery time is minimal. We also offer emergency appointments  for your convenience in the event your condition requires immediate treatment.

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